Unity HR leverages the isolved platform to empower and support your business.

The isolved platform has solutions for your business that ensure State and Federal Compliance, accurate Time Keeping and Payroll, Employee Management and Retention, and more. Utilizing the tools isolved provides can save you time- and time is a finite resource.

Read details regarding these specific solutions below! 


Isolved's payroll solution is focused on accuracy, compliance, and quick turnaround to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time. Isolved accounts for all local, state, and federal tax liabilities, with tools to provide the exact costs of where your payroll funding is going.


Isolved's timekeeping solution offers time off requests, attendance tracking with scheduling, and mobile geo-fencing punch management all in one place, so every minute is accounted for. ​


We offer flexible and custom-tailored reports to track expenses, manage your workforce, and account for every hour and dollar that goes into operating your business. 

Employee Management

Our HR module gives you the ability to monitor one of your most important resources, your employees. Providing tools to impact engagement, retention, and compliance, isolved allows you to manage your team effectively, no matter the size. ​​​​​​​

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access their ESS from any mobile device, allowing them to participate in Open Enrollment, update their Direct Deposit, and many more paperless solutions to streamline your processes.

Additional Solutions

Isolved offers several optional ancillary modules and packages, which can be mixed and matched to ensure every aspect of your company is supported with the potential for future growth. 

Using this suite of isolved features enables you to have a localized accessible platform to manage your expenses and employees, and gives you time back to focus on what you want to: your business. 

To schedule a demonstration of any isolved features, send us a message by using the form below

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