HR Consulting

Whether you are a company of 3 or a company of 500, Human Resources is an integral part of every day business. Keeping up with the changing laws, maintaining employee morale or developing internal policies can be a full time job. Our Human Resources representatives have the experience and knowledge to support your existing Human Resources department or stand in when you need al a carte servicing.

Direct Deposit
Secure Delivery
Payroll Tax Deposits
Payroll Tax Reports
Laser Generated Paychecks
Electronic Signature
Electronic Timesheet Submittal

Time Clocks – Automate your Time Collection
Job Costing
Custom Reports
Checks Stuffed & Sealed
QuickBooks Import Files
Check Registers
Remote Software Available

Employee Manual Consulting
Employee Relations
State and Federal Agency Claim Management
State and Federal Agency Audit Management
Policy and Procedure Implementation

Track Benefit Plans
Document Performance and Attendance
Recruitment and Screening management
Government Reporting and Compliance