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Payroll Solutions that Make Sense!

Unity HR has been administering Payroll, Tax Compliance, Human Resources and essential Accounting functions support to businesses of all sizes for the last 20 years. Our cost effective solutions and superior customer service give our clients a hands on, value oriented approach to their outsourced functions.

We know that payroll and payroll-related support functions are tedious tasks that can take considerable amounts of any company's resources. That's why at Unity HR we perform these tasks flawlessly, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on managing your business. Our client list includes contractors, retail stores, restaurants, service establishments, credit unions and medical organizations, to name a few.

Call our offices at (360) 671-0762 to find out how our payroll and business solutions can make sense for you!

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Unity HR’s mission is to partner with our clients to professionally manage their burdens and administrative duties so they can concentrate on their greatest strengths and profit making abilities. We strive to deploy a business system that offers a human resource infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients at the administrative, strategic and visionary levels Most of all, we aim to put the fun back in to running a business and give our clients the tools and resources necessary to attract, retain and develop industry leading employees.