Isolved Reports

Accurate reporting is vital to any business, and the
ability to operating costs, expenses, and liabilities is an important piece in accounting for every penny in your company.

We have customizable reports for every facet of your organization. From employee demographic details, labor distribution, benefit eligibility, and 401k censuses. 

​​​​​​​All tax returns, ACA Reporting, W3s, and state tax filings are availiable as soon as they are filed, and can be accessed online at any time. 
Over 350 default reports
With options to customize to fit your needs
Isolved can export formats used for QuickBooks, benefit brokers, and many investment groups- which means less time transposing and formatting to get to the information you need into any application.

Unity HR can provide custom reports in several formats, and our goal is to create a way for you to see your business presented in front of you clearly and accurately.